What is a solid state drive and how to use it.

With the growing increase of laptop use, many people are left to consider which storage units to purchase. An SSD drive better known as a solid-state drive is a device that is used to store constant data. Unlike the hard disk drive (HHD), that uses an actuator or a mechanical arm, an SSD is an oversized version of a USB memory stick. SSD drives have numerous advantages, not only are they the preferred use in modern gadgets, but also their robust nature allows them to be fast as they consume less power.

A normal SSD drive uses a non-volatile kind of memory called NAND-based memory. This simply means that whatever was stored in the disk cannot be erased once you switch the off the disk. This has proven to be true especially with our modern technology maintaining today’s SSD drives storing records of well over two centuries.

Benefits of SSD Drives:


– Since an SSD does not use a mechanical arm like the HHD to read or write data, it does instead rely on a processor called a controller which operates as a brain when it comes to reading and writing of data. It is also a very essential factor in speed delivery of the SSD drive. Apart from reading and writing of data, the controller is also used to perform various tasks like retrieving and data clean up, correcting errors, encryption and garbage collection to name but a few. SSD drives have also been made and used create SSD portals to enhance security levels unlike their counterparts.

Lower Latency:

– Development of SSDs has rapidly increased overtime with a need for higher input and output level performance, meaning that due to their lower latency, SSDs are very ideal for heavy workloads because of their lower random access.


– High level or high-performance gadgets and servers that may require to transmit heavy information can greatly benefit by using the SSD technology. Also, modern SSDs have been made to be more efficient and durable increasing its lifespan.

Environment Friendly:

Due to their much quieter nature, SSDs are said to be environment-friendly and this is because with no moving parts, they have no break ups or spin downs.

It is therefore not surprising why SSD drives are preferred considering their low consumption of power and their long lifespan, not forgetting their high-performance levels.

What is Web Hosting?

With the availability of solid-state drives, prices have rapidly decreased yet its high performance has been maintained. With that in mind, when it comes to opening a website, you may require a web hosting plan. Web hosting is simply a type of internet service that allows people or organizations to open or make their own websites. A typical PC may not have the ability to run a website, especially one that has a lot of heavy traffic, however with an SSDweb, chances of having efficient servers are high, also there is a guarantee of better performance. SSDs can also speed up the process of retrieving heavy information from the file system.

Benefits of Using SSD when Web Hosting:

– As mentioned earlier, there are numerous benefits when using solid state drives or better yet pure SSD. Cheap PureHost SSDWeb solutions basically mean that all of your servers are using SSD drives. Faster access of your data, thereby enhancing the browsing experience.

– For large organizations that heavily rely on websites, a slow website is not can result in decrease of sales, it is therefore advisable to use SSD hosting to streamline every part of your site- caching, database queries, file access and the like.

– Unlike the traditional HHDs, which can easily wear out anytime risking data loss, SSD drives have prevented that with the modern technology enhancing the state and type of an SSD drive. They are less susceptible to wear out, thereby securing your data. This however, does not excuse avoidance of backing up your site regularly.


SSD hosting is basically one of the best cheap wordpress ssd hosting portal if you are looking to see immediate gains and results. If you are new to web hosting, it is highly advisable to stick to one hosting plan rather than opting out and migrating to another hosting package, and that is why SSD hosting is preferred because it is a device that has been improved overtime and the prices are still manageable.

In short using solid state drives, you can be assured of better performance, faster caching leading to more traffic on your site, and quicker database queries.


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